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Volume 009, Issue 079
goldenrat84 wrote in crossover_news
This issue covers April 23 in crossover fandom.

All fan fiction has been listed at least twice, once for each fandom represented in the story. As the lists are very long, lj cuts have been implemented. Enjoy!

Crossover Fan FictionCollapse )

We don't pretend that what you see in this newsletter covered everything in the world of crossovers on Livejournal for the dates in question, though we have done our best. Please feel free to comment with suggestions on ways to improve the newsletter. Also, please let us know of any content we have overlooked or if any of the links are broken.

~Your editor,

Other Atlantiss (Atlantii?)
daisy_may11 wrote in sgastoryfinders
A request below reminded me of a fic that's been in my mind for a while.

The group on Atlantis discover more cities like Atlantis.  Several more if my memory serves me.  I seem to think that they were divided out between them, so John and Rodney kept Atlantis to run, someone else had another and so on.  Does this ring any bells?



Volume One Hundred and Ten, Issue Twenty-Three
_nisa_ wrote in jedi_news
- jedinewscouk posted Official Blog: Bantha Tracks: The Kids Are All Right, Online Edition.
- cj_rss posted A look at the original trilogy storyboards.
- jedinewscouk posted Alan Ladd Jr. Inducted Into 501st Legion.
- jedinewscouk posted May the 4th be Pink for you!
- swunderworldrss posted Star Wars Weekends Guest List Announced!
- jedinewscouk posted Celebrity Guest List For 'Star Wars' Weekends 2014.
- cj_rss posted Disney World’s full Star Wars Weekend guest lineup.
- jedinewscouk posted More Info on Star Wars Weekend on Disney XD UK.
- cj_rss posted The New Yoda Chronicles to air May 4th on DisneyXD.
- swunderworldrss posted 'The New Yoda Chronicles' Announced!
- bigshinyrobot posted Fan X: The Writers of 'Star Wars'.
- bigshinyrobot posted Alan Horn talks 'Episode VII'.
- starwars_today posted Disney Store Celebrates Star Wars Day.
- jedinewscouk posted Escape from the Jedi Temple Trailer.
- knightsarchive posted Star Wars Weekends 2014 Celebrity Lineup Announced.

- eucantina posted Review: Legacy #14.
- bigshinyrobot posted REVIEW: Star Wars: Legacy #14.
- roqoodepot posted Podcasts in Review.

- pronker discussed Star Wars Fans, it's International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day! Let's splurge on fudge+NEW FIC!

- wraithsquadron has Ficathon Reminder!

- quiobilover posted Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

- jedinewscouk posted Van X Star Wars.
- jedinewscouk posted T-Shirts: Sumi Sith.

If you have anything to contribute, please leave a comment including a link, title, rating, and characters/pairing, as appropriate, on this post. If you have anything that should be reported, let us know! We encourage it, in fact. Pimp yourself, pimp others, pimp anything of any interest unto the SW fandom. All comments will be screened.

Fatherly Sarek fic recs search
deancas91190dc wrote in st_ficfinder
Hi all,
I'm looking for any and all fics where Sarek acts in a fatherly way towards Jim Kirk. Whether Sarek and Amanda adopt him after Tarsus, or gain custody of him some other way, or Jim develops a father/son relationship of any depth/shape/form with Sarek as an adult, I'm looking for anything-anything-where Sarek acts in a caring/nurturing way towards Jim, and/or Jim feels safe/protected around Sarek. Inspired by the fact that Nero somehow morphed Nu Universe Sarek into an uber Dad figure : )

(no subject)
Grrrrr. Chapter Three has five million things to accomplish. Chapter Two should have ended after the interviews, since they aren't very interesting. Sometimes I hate serial format! That's what I get for the gimmicky call of trying to start and end each chapter with a name. But it's a challenge, and I haven't challenged myself for a while. I'll get into the groove. But the beginning of Chapter Three may be... rocky.

Help me find a book i read in grade 7 but can't remember the name of.
Aryan Saxena wrote in whatwasthatbook
The book i read in grade 7 was something about magic. Where a boy was raised in a family but it wasn't his real family. His real family was from some magical realm or something. And both his father and mother were powerful and well known but had somehow died. So later in the book he gets magical powers. He also meets a goth chick half way in the book and she acts like his girlfriend. That's all i remember of that book but i know it had a sequel. And that the cover of the book had the main guy riding a horse with 2 other people on each side also accompanied with a horse. i really want to read this book again, but i just cant remember the name or author. please help, thank you.

PEDTM: 23 April 2014
The strawberry farm across the street has opened their little stand and I've had my first strawberries of the season -- oh, so delicious. I made a yogurt cake* flavored with rum and oh, it's so yummy. I do love strawberry season, and I love we get them still warm from the sun.

I think fresh strawberries might be my favorite fruit, and favorite dessert. They're beautiful, with their jewel-like color, and the flavor. Exquisite. I'm so glad I'm not allergic to them!

*Gâteau au YaourtCollapse )

[Site Update] Turlough's recs
Site name: Turlough's recs
Site URL(s): http://pinboard.in/u:turlough/t:!!NEW/
Reccer: [personal profile] turlough
Intro: 2 bandom fic rec - 1 MCR, 1 MCR/Comics RPS
33 bandom art recs - 33 MCR

Edition 2,867
waterofthemoon wrote in spnnewsletter
Before you comment to the newsletter, please make sure you have read the comm userinfo carefully [here].

Please post links to your own episode reviews/recaps for last night's episode, 9x19, HERE. Episode reactions are no longer coded on the newsletter.


9x19 live tweets from writer Robert Berens posted by kate_mct
Happy birthday to JDM at all_spn
Chad Lindberg's DC Con ghost tour cancelled posted by kate_mct
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9x19 review/recap roundup by kate_mct

Drabbles Every Weekend challenge at spn_bigpretzel

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
Carnival Road by a_biting_smile (NC-17)

Fanfic: Gen
With Eyes Wide Shut by lauehime (PG)
Spot on the Mystery by emebalia (PG-13)

Fanfic: Other
Could You Just Hold Me? 40/50 by lady_emebalia (Sam/Dean/OMC, OFC/OMCs; NC-17)

Fanfic: RPF
Caught in the Hands of Fate 30/? by fadedsparks (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)
Rearranged by rose_the_hat (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)

Dean/Castiel fic recs at crack_impala
Sam/Tessa fic rec by de_nugis at rocksalt_recs
Genevieve/Adrianne fic rec by jalu2 at rocksalt_recs

9x19 icons by deans_fetish

Dean kissing Lust from "The Magnificent Seven" by raloria
Happy St George's Day by dizzojay

9x19 hires logofree screencaps by fprintmoon
9x19 guest star in full makeup posted by kate_mct

More FNL. Whee!
Tonight [personal profile] kouredios and I watched FNL S5 x 08 and 09. There are only four episodes left! I kind of can't believe it. (The first time I watched ep 9 I apparently said the same thing: I can't believe there are only 4 more episodes left, ever.)

Also I am drawing giant pink sparkly hearts around Matt Saracen. What else is new. *grin*

We are contemplating watching Fringe next. (Having done all of West Wing and new Who, both of which were known to kouredios, and now almost all of FNL, which was known to me.) I am kind of ridiculously excited at the prospect of rewatching Fringe. Because. I mean. Olivia Dunham. Made of awesome, Y/Y?

For now, though, I am all DILLON TEXAS and JULIE and MATT and VINCE and JESS and COACH and OH TAMI and OH SHOW. ♥

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A Perfect Eggs-cuse
alisanne wrote in snape_potter
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Chapter book: kindergarten boy blows giant bubbles
inthelemonlight wrote in whatwasthatbook
I'm looking for a short chapter book that I read in Canada in about 1995; my little brother had borrowed a copy from a library. It had some text and very bright, cartoonish illustrations.

It's about a kindergarten boy who finds a container of bubble-blowing solution on the way to school and takes it with him. He's forgotten that it's show-and-tell day, so when called upon to show-and-tell something, he pulls out the bubble solution and blows a bubble. It gets to be an enormous size and then goes and totally envelops the teacher and lifts her out the window. He blows more bubbles and those surround the boy and his classmates, and they have a short adventure travelling through the skies. As I recall, there's a near encounter with an airplane, but everyone returns to the ground safely.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Found! Looks like Show and Tell by Elvira Woodruff. Thanks to nanichloe!

Steampunk novel about a post-apocalyptic cyborg circus?
full_metal_ox wrote in whatwasthatbook
This was a book that I read in a library where I don't have checkout privileges, and I've unfortunately forgotten the title; it seems to be of fairly recent vintage. These are the details I remember:

The story is set in a war-torn indeterminate future, and deals with a traveling circus whose performers have all been cybernetically altered, often into drastically posthuman form; for example, the trapezes are formed by two members with extensible telescoping arms, and the music director is a sort of ambulatory human pipe organ. The show's star attraction had flown on a pair of (evidently unique and irreplaceable) wings, for which a new recruit to the company and an established member are furiously vying.

The ringmaster recruits members by approaching people on the brink of death and offering to revive them, with the understanding that they will be irrevocably transformed and bound to the circus; then she transforms them via some sort of necromantic/mad-scientific power that (I get the impression) she received from whatever caused the general devastation. (In her previous life, she'd been an operatic contralto; this is where I discovered a wonderful disgruntled summary of the roles typically available in that vocal range: "Bitches, witches, and britches.")

The story is told in third-person omniscient, present tense, and punctuated by periodic arch parenthetical asides (for example, a team of eight acrobats who present themselves as brothers are in fact a former platoon; the narrative maintains a running kill count for each, ranging from zero to eighty-nine. The one who can claim zero is undecided as to whether to be embarrassed by or proud of that fact.)

None of the female (or, for that matter, the male) characters has a backstory involving rape or sex work. (This was a refreshing change from the last few works in the genre I'd read, and I can thereby recommend it to readers who might be triggerable on those subjects.)

ETA: The book is Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti by Genevieve Valentine; a tip of the neo-Victorian topper to treetelling.

(no subject)
galaxy_song wrote in sgastoryfinders
Hey looking for Carson/Rodney story were Rodney gets sick off wold and it turns out to be his appendix. When they get back to Atlantis it I think Rodney says somthing that makes it obvisous that he and Carson are a couple and doesnt react well. He wants Rodney off the team but Weir refuses. On there next mission mind reading aliens think rRodney is the weak link because of Johns thoughts and make him do a load of challenges.  Thanks for any help.




wherever i am, i am what is missing
Ugh, I woke up this morning with a terrible headache and nothing so far has helped.

I think I might have broken geeky co-worker #3 this morning. He asked me if I was excited about Spider-Man 2, and I was like, "More like really concerned." spoilers for a 40 year old comics arcCollapse )

*spoiler for ASM2Collapse )

SHIELD: "The Only Light in the Darkness"
spoilers, not squee; also Cap 2 spoilers I guessCollapse )

So there's that.


Wednesday reading meme:

What I've just finished

The First World War by Hew Strachan, which is a good overview of WWI, if a bit drier in tone than the other books I've been reading. Its main flaw is the absence of maps. I don't understand how nobody said, "Hey, can we get some maps to illustrate all the things you're talking about?"

I also reread Wyrd Sisters, which was really enjoyable.

What I'm reading now

I've moved on to rereading Guards! Guards!, which I'm also enjoying.

What's next

I don't know? I might do another WWI history, or possibly a book about both wars and the inter-war period, and intersperse the heavy non-fiction with a Discworld reread. I also have a Star Wars tie-in novel I haven't read, and a bunch of comics to catch up on, so there could be that, too. *hands*


Today's poem:

Keeping Things Whole

In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing.

When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body's been.

We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.

~Mark Strand


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Fic: Work Husbands
navaan wrote in comics_genfic
Title: Work Husbands
Pairing/Characters: Clark, Lois, Bruce, Dick, gen with background Clark/Lois
Summary: Superman is surprised when “World's Finest” isn't the nickname that some people are calling him and Batman by.
Rating: G

Work Husbands

Snarry-a-Thon14: FIC: Dessert Time
spfestmod wrote in snape_potter
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

My tweets

Snarry-a-Thon14: FIC: I Will Follow
spfestmod wrote in snape_potter
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Wednesday April 23, 2014
fredbassett wrote in numb3rs_news

Looking for Science Fiction Book
mikexmene wrote in whatwasthatbook
Please help me with the title of the following science fiction book. In a scene they use lasers to cut off the power supply and to enter the building to kidnap the alien queens larve. The main characters girlfriend is shot as they are climbing up the ropes back to their shuttle. They then contact the alien queen and force her to resign her post, and at the end of the chapter they end up killing the larve anyway. It's Sharship Trooper esque and I thought it was Old Man's War, but evidently it isn't. Thanks for all the help!!!

Red Army hockey documentary

I am looking forward to this a lot. I've been a die-hard fan of the game for thirty years and am old enough to remember the reaction to the Miracle on Ice and when folks like Slava Fetisov were Them before they became 'them' (1994's Matteau!Matteau!Matteau! doesn't happen without Fetisov on the Devils) and, with the mighty Detroit Red Wings, finally Us. Except not really us, because every NHL fan knows what "enigmatic" really means.

Anyway, I think this could be of interest to anyone old enough to really remember the Cold War, especially as it applied to athletics: the rumors, the defections, the boycotts, the horror stories of the athletes... the Red Army hockey team lived in barracks, trained like soldiers, and were watched like hawks lest they defect. Their lives not their own until they were no longer useful, pawns in a bigger game until their bodies broke down. But until that point, they were the original Russian Machine Never Breaks, making it all the more historic (1972, 1980) when they did.

The end of the Red Army dominance, like the Soviet Union as a whole, was both highly choreographed and completely chaotic. The legends who'd suffered most -- Larionov, Fetisov, etc. -- weren't allowed to leave until they were far past their prime (little did Tikhonov know) while the young guns like Bure, Fedorov, and Mogilny defected rather than endure the same treatment. It was an interesting time and, if this documentary covers even half of it, it should be quite a show.

Also posted at DW.

elysium1996 wrote in numb3rs_news
A little late to the party but I wanted to give a special shout out to our new compilers.

Our new compilers are... *drum roll*

Thank you very much for joining us and helping out.

elysium1996 & julietm

Two Lumps - Apr 23, 2014


Two Lumps comic for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trigger warnings for college courses
I have been reading some discussions lately about the idea of providing trigger warnings for material in a given college course, generally somewhere that the student would see said warnings before selecting the course. (Note: I am not linking to any stories because I really want to talk about the general idea, not the specific implementations.) Unlike the requirement that schools list textbooks next to courses in the schedule (which was allegedly about allowing them to shop around for best prices, but was really part of David Horowitz's campaign to make certain that students never be exposed to ideas they disagreed with), this movement seems to target the same sort of triggers that are discussed in relation to fanworks: sexual assault, traumatic events, racism, colonialism, etc.

I am having trouble organizing any thoughts on this. How to deal with controversial or potentially upsetting, to say nothing of triggering, material is something I have gone round and round on several times, and in fact have been remonstrated rather thoroughly by some colleagues over.

So, I thought I'd ask: what do people think of this idea, of a college or university providing trigger warnings in course descriptions? Yay? Nay? Put them in the syllabus but not the catalog? Other thoughts?

Please note: I...well, obviously, I do have a horse in this race, but I haven't named it yet, so I am not intending to argue one side or the other. If I ask you questions, I am not challenging; I am seeking clarity. Likewise, please be aware that this is an emotional topic, and try to be respectful, okay?

(Is it sad that now I'm kind of pondering making this a paper topic?)

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Volume One Hundred and Ten, Issue Twenty-Two
_nisa_ wrote in jedi_news
- fangirlblog posted WonderCon Star Wars Rebels Roundup.
- cj_rss posted Win Jedi Knight passes to Celebration Anaheim.
- cj_rss posted May the 4th at the Disney Store.
- jedinewscouk posted The Metro: Disney To Publish New Star Wars Books: What Do We Know So Far?
- jedinewscouk posted UPDATED: Special Disney Event Happening RIGHT NOW.
- jedinewscouk posted Alan Horn Confirms Episode VII Abu Dhabi Filming, Future May Releases Possible, & More.
- cj_rss posted Attack Pattern Clinique: Best #StarWars tweets for April 14-20.
- cj_rss posted Disney’s Alan Horn: Second unit shooting for Episode VII is happening in Abu Dhabi.
- jedinewscouk posted New Line of Talking 'Star Wars' Action Figures Revealed at Disney Store Event.
- jedinewscouk posted Let the Wookiee Win: A Star Wars Quiz.
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- roqoodepot posted Book Review: ‘Breakout Squad’ by Ryder Windham.
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- the_little_owl wrote "How to Keep a Gaul - chapter 44". (NR , Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan )
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If you have anything to contribute, please leave a comment including a link, title, rating, and characters/pairing, as appropriate, on this post. If you have anything that should be reported, let us know! We encourage it, in fact. Pimp yourself, pimp others, pimp anything of any interest unto the SW fandom. All comments will be screened.

I can`t find it !
lasa210 wrote in whatwasthatbook
I`m looking for this trilogy but I don`t remember the exact plot ... but what I do remember is that there`s a library which has doors that connect to different parts of the world (or different worlds - not quite sure) and a group of high schoolers end up in it. There`s this girl who`s always dressed in black (she falls in love with a prince or a king?) and apparently, the black dress code is for magicians or something. There`s another girl who`s blinded at some point in the series ... and there are twins ( a girl and a boy) as well ... In addition, I think different parts of the library is ruled by different factions or something ... ( I think they`re called factions)

One of the characters MIGHT have been named alex ?
I`ve been searching for this trilogy for days but I can`t seem to find it ! I remember reading this in high school but the name of the author or the title is lost to me :/

80's-90's kids book with banned t-shirts?
lilychick wrote in whatwasthatbook
That more or less sums it up, but here's the rest: I read this book when I was young, so late-80's/early-90's, and I remember it as intermediate reader level. (There's also a good chance it was like a Troll/Scholastic Book Fair/Club buy, if that helps.)

The main thing I remember is that the school in the book bans t-shirts with print on them (because someone wore something offensive?), and the kids have a big protest where they all wear them at the same time. The main character is a boy and he makes his own shirt by writing "WORDS" on a shirt with black marker, except the "O" is a no-symbol. There's a girl he likes who is super-impressed by this idea.

My brain keeps telling me that he runs a school newspaper or has something to do with computers, but that's vague and might be a different book. (I just thought I'd mention it in case it turns out to be true!) Either way I think he is a ringleader behind the protest.

Thanks in advance!

Edition 2,866
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Before you comment to the newsletter, please make sure you have read the comm userinfo carefully [here].

9.20 Promo Pics at all_spn [SPOILERS for 9.20]
9.20 Promo at all_spn [SPOILERS for 9.20]
Extended 9.20 Promo at all_spn [SPOILERS for 9.20]

Fanfic: Sam/Dean
A Skewed Reflection by stripysockette (NC-17)

Fanfic: Gen
Remember That Time With The Fish by dodger_sister (PG)
White Noise by i_speak_tongue (PG-13)

Fanfic: Other
Feel Like You Do by skeletncloset (Dean/Benny, John/Dean, Sam/Dean, NC-17)
French Toast and Psychosis by darth_firefly (Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Bela, PG-13)

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Heaven's Blade by digitalwave (PG-13)

Podfic by glovered of All in the Game, yo by sonofabiscuit77 (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

Dean-centric comment meme by biketest

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