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Rat Creature's Journal

Rat Creature
My primary journal is on DW, but for now I also keep crossposting here on LJ. I don't really use my IJ anymore, and have stopped crossposting there.

Generally all fandom related posts are public, but my RL posts are often locked. The journal is also set up to be included in search engines. I'm thrilled when people friend me (or subscribe to me on DW), but I don't friend back automatically.

You can find more detailed info about me and what I post in my LJ in this entry (somewhat outdated by now), and a bunch of trivia about me in the 100 things meme entry.

I have two multifandom rec pages, one for AUs and one for crossovers. I used to maintain six SGA thematic lists: alien cultures and new non-human aliens, Wraith/Iratus bug transformations, John Sheppard as Ancient, Ori or Ascended, Atlantis is cut off from Earth or secedes, Werewolves and other wereanimals, and Wingfic, as well as one Star Trek thematic list for Ancient/Non-Reform Vulcan stories. I also have a pinboard.in account that I use as an online reading log, where I bookmark and extensively tag most fanfic that I finish reading.

I also have an art blog. While all my art is posted in this journal, you might find it easier to browse my art there, because it is just for the art posts and everything is sorted into art-specific categories. I have a deviantArt account as well.Please do not distribute my art without my permission, i.e. do not upload my art to other sites, services, archives, or wikis. That includes "reblogging" the images themselves on services such as Tumblr by uploading them to your account. I am trying out a tumblr myself and obviously you can reblog things I uploaded there. DeviantArt also provides an embed code for sharing. I am also fine with anyone linking my public posts.

If you want to see the artwork I make my icons from (rather than just the icons) you can find my original creature doodles collected and linked to their respective icons on my icon website. (My personal icons of my RatCreature cartoon are not shareable.)

I'm also admin to two communities: [community profile] slothsdraw for supporting drawing practice (sadly it's rather inactive) and [community profile] fanart_recs, a Crack Van-style multifandom recs community for fanart.