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a poll on website design preferences...

I have been wondering about the design of the fanart corner of my website. I don't have that many fanart pieces up, but slowly they have gotten more numerous (okay, so it's not even twenty, but then I'm hardly prolific) and I wondered whether I should somehow split or reorganize the section into subsections.

Right now the images are sorted simply by reverse date, with the newest on top, with a smallish (120x120px) preview next to a detailed description of the piece, all in the fanart section of my page for fandom stuff. So you get any picture with just two clicks from my index page. Obviously the more pictures I add, the longer the page takes to load, because of the previews, but otoh the previews are just about 5-7kb each, so personally I would prefer having all on one page rather than having to click three times to get to the art even for twice as many pictures (which at the pace of my fanart production are unlikely to materialize any time soon), but then my internet connection is moderately fast.

Poll #817192 How should my fanart be organized?

All fanart listed on one page, or on separate pages?

It's fine as it is, all pieces listed on one page, and I'd prefer it that way even for more art.
It's fine as it is for now, all pieces listed on one page, but that arrangement would become unwieldy for me if there were many more pieces (and I'll specify the number in the text field below).
It would be better to have the all the art listed on subpages, not bogging down the main fanart section with the previews. I'd rather click three times.
It would be better to just see the newest art with previews in the main fanart section, and have the older art on subpages (and I'll specify how many pieces should be previewed on the main page in the text field below).

What is the maximum number of art pieces with a preview image (of about 5-7kb) that should be shown on the main fanart page?

How should the fanart be arranged? (by date, fandom, ...)

I prefer the art to be just sorted by date.
I prefer the art to be sorted by fandom (either all in subsections on the main page, or divided on subpages, that preference is covered in the question above).
The newest artwork should be sorted by date on the main page, the older archived on subpages by fandom.
It would be better to organize the art in yet another way, which I will explain further in a comment.
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