September 14th, 2006


crossover rec

I just read a great Farscape/Stargate Atlantis crossover. The third of the three parts isn't posted yet, but the second doesn't end on a particular cliffhanger. It's Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, by tassosss. It's gen and mostly Crichton-centric so far. Crichton ends up in the Pegasus galaxy, is culled, but becomes a Runner, and finally meets the Lanteans. The first part is entirely from Crichton's POV and the story has a great way to integrate Harvey and generally show us the wackiness that's the inside of his head. The second part when Crichton comes to Atlantis is just as awesome. It has great interaction between Crichton and the Lanteans.
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Why is there so little Daredevil fanfic? I'm fairly sure I lamented this sad state of affairs before in my LJ, but absolute dearth of it is still stunning. Every couple of months I check around anew, hoping that there's been new stuff posted, but as usual my hopes are crushed. :( I don't get it. I can't be the only one who'd love some Daredevil emo-porn of any variety.
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