September 16th, 2006



In general I'm not much of a pro-warnings person when it comes to fanfic, but sometimes I can truly appreciate the detailed system. Like just now I could avoid reading something because it had an "eyeball mutilation" warning, which is a good thing as I have a squick about eyes being poked and such. (I can probably blame it on childhood trauma and too many eye exams.) And seriously, that site had a separate warnings category for that in its search options, which when I checked it out of curiosity resulted in several stories too. I guess kinks come in all kinds.
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sometimes LJ is annoying

Not that this rant is something new, but every time LJ prettifies something or introduces a new feature I'm wondering why they don't fix the functionality they already have. For example, I really like tags, but not only does their tag management interface suck so much that not even the simplest operations are possible(*), let alone something like a decent bulk editing feature to assign tags to posts, but you still can't even use a logical AND with the tags and the missing NOT is also aggravating.(**)

And it's all made worse by the display limitations that don't allow you to go back further than 100 entries. I already have tags that appear more often, and some that come close, because I have some very general tags. That is because when they introduced them, I expected that eventually they would work like tags, i.e. that I wouldn't have to do systematic or hierarchical categorizations because users would just be able to choose tag combinations, e.g. "comics+reviews" or "comics+fanart", so that I wouldn't need to worry whether it made more sense to have a "reviews > comics" and "fanart > comics" or "comics > reviews" and "comics > fanart" organization (respectively a mimicry of that by tags with subcategories as some people use on LJ to compensate for LJ's suckage), and if I ever reviewed other people's fanart it would be able to fit too. I'm pretty sure that is one of the essential points of tags, yet still LJs tags don't work like that.

(*) I had mistyped my "dc" tag as "dcu" a couple of times (a result of the tag labelling interface sucking too), and just now wanted to merge the two into "dc", but here isn't a merge function and renaming "dcu" into the already existing "dc" didn't work either. I ended up relabeling by hand.
(**) I hate that about too, how hard can it be to allow a NOT when you already have an AND? Other bookmarking sites have one after all.
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