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drawbles for the character roulette meme

Compared to last time I did this, only a few people wanted to play (I guess I should look for memes not requiring any audience participation instead), but doing drawbles again was fun. It's been too long.

Anyway, my character list was:
01. Kermit the Frog
02. Steve Rogers
03. Nyota Uhura
04. Natasha Romanov
05. Spock
06. Aeryn Sun
07. Temeraire
08. Tony Stark
09. Teyla Emmagan
10. Hobbes
11. Barbara Gordon
12. Methos
13. Hermione Granger
14. Erik Lehnsherr
15. Princess Leia

(I replaced the numbers with the characters when I c&p'ed the prompts here for better readability.)

[personal profile] isagel gave me: "Kermit the Frog and Temeraire go on an air balloon ride!"

I figured that Temeraire would stay outside the basket due to his size, even if they enjoy the trip together, and just fly near the balloon.

a pencil sketch, Kermit in an air balloon, Temeraire flies next to it

[personal profile] isagel also prompted: "Aeryn Sun and Erik Lehnsherr are pirates. They've taken Tony Stark prisoner. (If you want added complexity, Barbara Gordon tries to rescue Tony Stark.)"

This scenario works surprisingly well, because Magneto's powers could contain Iron Man, and Aeryn makes a good pirate as well. The ridiculous skull and crossbones trappings are of course all thanks to Erik's flair for dramatic props, though I suspect they are actually space pirates rather than on a sailboat. Meanwhile Barbara Gordon as Oracle is working off screen with JARVIS to rescue Tony.
pencil sketch, Aeryn and Magneto are pirates, Magneto holds Iron Man with his powers

[personal profile] lilacsigil gave me: "Steve Rogers and Spock IN SPACE (your choice of how and why and if it's a crossover!)"

I figure Kirk ran afoul of the higher-ups and got the Enterprise crew temporarily broken up. Spock got assigned to the U.S.S. America under Captain Rogers, who privately is quite sympathetic to Kirk not following the chain of command and proper procedure. He and Spock probably work together to deal with the whole mess and rehabilitate Kirk or something.
pencil sketch, Captain Rogers and Spock on the bridge of the USS America

[personal profile] reginagiraffe gave me: "Hermione Granger and Temeraire are kissing, Steve Rogers reacts to this."

I have no idea why Hermione would kiss Temeraire (I think they would be more likely bond over books), but I figure Steve would be a bit baffled by this.

pencil sketch, Hermione is kissing Temeraire, Captain America is baffled

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